Monkey Wood® is the project of a Spanish architect who designs and creates unique jewelry with 100% natural materials and the highest technology of laser cutting.

It is a sustainable fashion brand that bets on the future through eco-design, using wood from local collected fallen trees to promote responsible forest management, as well as bio-resins that are toxic-free and respectful of the environment and our health. Monkey Wood® is for design and sustainability lovers who wants to feel closer to nature "

Wooden jewelry 

I want to tell you our phillosophy so that you become part of our story. Welcome to Monkey Wood, here you will find unique natural jewelry handmade with wood from no cut trees... A wood lovers dream!

All the jewelry pieces are designed and thoughtfully handcrafted by myself in my studio in Spain, with special care for every detail. 

I hope you feel comfortable and warm with my light and fashionable jewelry, and it inspires you to express your natural beauty, also wearing trendy wooden jewelry on a daily basis is a great opportunity to feel closer to nature. 

Who is behind? 

I'm Laura, creator and designer of Monkey Wood®. I welcome you to my shop-workshop, everything is designed and crafted by myself in Spain! 

I run my small independent business from my studio, where I create unique jewelry that represents the natural, simplicity and individual beauty of each person: We are all beautiful and unique! 

I have been always in love with art and drawing, so I studied Architecture. I specialized in Rehabilitation and  the universe of wood buildings. Thanks to that, I developed the ability to design creative spaces and unique objects with this wonderful material. Now the "buildings" that I design are much smaller: they are wood jewels.

There is something that makes me different: respect for nature. That is why in all my projects I pursue sustainability without neglecting the beauty and the evocation of sensations in the individual through design. 

Here you can see Lia and me at the door of our studio, where every day we work among woods designing and materializing each piece with all the love it deserves.

Why wood? 

The basic material of Monkey Wood® is natural wood. It is exceptional, light and alive material that also allows each wood jewel be unique in the world. 

We obtain solid wood from local collected fallen trees to promote responsible forest management. That means we obtain the wood in the most respectful way: we collect it from fallen trees, prunings and remains of other manufacturating processes. We try to minimaze impact on forest we need for living in this wonderful world. 

Wood has been used historically and endures today. For me it is precious to use a traditional material and work it in a contemporary way.  I love its texture, color, smell, softness, warmth and simplicity; It also allows each piece in itself to be unique in the world. Each piece is enameled with resin from vegetable waste to provide shine and hardness, in addition to making them waterproof! This way it is not damaged by external agents such as water, the sun or the passage of time. Further,


  •   Is toxic free (adhesives and glues) that are present in wood compounds such as plywood, agglomerates or DM.
  •   Natural wood needs less energy to be manufactured than plywood.
  •   It comes from forests in which there is control of felling and reforestation.
  •   It is an recyclable material.


The manufacturing process 

The wood is cut with laser technology and each piece is sanded by hand.

When all the pieces are sanded they are enameled with BIO resin to provide hardness and make them waterproof, enhancing the natural color of the wood. This resin is used to finish surfboards. 

All paints are vegan and toxic-free. Using natural materials is positive for the environment and essential for health.

All jewelry products are obtained in Europe, according to circular economy.

Waterproof and hardwood jewelry

On our studio we glaze wood pieces with non toxic vegetal resin to make them durable, waterproof and easy to clean. Also, natural solid wood is the hardest wood product.

Even all our jewels are sealed with resin, please avoid direct contact with water, creams and perfumes. Wooden jewels will be eternal!

Vegan dyes

We use dyes and resin made of vegetals, not animal or mineral paints. It is better for our world and for our healthy, too.

Nickel free metals: Sterling silver or Stainless Steal

All metal are made of Sterling Silver or stainless steal, always nickel and allergy free. Please, contact us if you prefer Sterling Silver or Stainless Steal on your product if you have any allergies.

Recyclable and plactic free packaging

All products include custom packaging and designed by Monkey Wood made from 100% recyclable materials and plastic free.

The size of the packaging is adequate for each product to generate zero waste.

Jewelry size

All Monkey Wood jewelry ir one size, and all finger rings are adjustable.

How to clean Monkey Wood jewelry

Monkey wood jewelry is glazed with vegetal resin, so NO dirt may be trapped or bacteria may grow due to natural surface is sealed and protected.

If you want to clean it, use the classic mix of soap and water: is an easy and effective way to clean metal pieces, and just a cotton cloth with water to clean wood pieces. Then quickly lay them to dry before storing them in a cotton bag.

Custom and personalized orders

If you wish to consult prices about personalized orders or individual designs, please contact us through the contact option or sending an e-mail to

Wholesale availability

It is a great idea to give out sustainable jewelry on special occasions. If you wish to consult prices about custom wholesale orders or individual designs for special events such as weddings or corporate gifts, please contact us through the contact option or by sending an e-mail to

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 I hope you enjoy Monkey Wood, welcome to the eco-conscious revolution! Thanks for stop here, 

♡ Laura ♡